Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seeking Focus Flickr Guide Feedback

To help get us a all a little more acquainted with blogging, and to hopefully more quickly help us to decide whether or not we want to make this a part of our group, I've decided to setup this blog post as a study in leaving comments on a blog.

Hopefully by now you have all received the Flickr guide that I sent out. This is your opportunity to leave comments with your feedback, recommendations, or corrections.

Let me start this process out by noting some things that I know of:

  1. Document eventually needs to be converted to PDF.

  2. It appears as though the table of contents (page 1 of the document) did not update correctly, so the page numbers are wrong. This is an easy fix, but I decided not to re-send the document due to the size of it.

That is all I am currently aware of. Please leave comments below indicating things you noticed. (I am temporarily allowing "anonymous" comments on this blog so that you don't have to create an account. I will be disabling this in the future though. I will also have it setup so that I can moderate the comment posts, so that any malicious deviants don't litter our site with nonsense. This means that your comments may not show up real-time... I have to approve them before they will appear.)

If you have questions or problems leaving comments here please send me an email.