Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 110 of 365 - Der Ain't Nutin' Like Fishin' Fer Some Dirty LaundryOn A Tuesday Night

Photo by Andrew Kufahl

One of the quicker photos I've done in my 365... from coming-up with the concept, to packing-up the gear, it was about 25 minutes. Not too often things come together this well.

There's actually quite a story behind this photo. Many of the elements in the photo represent some pretty deep/strong meanings. Although, I won't expand on them anymore than that.

I couldn't have gotten much luckier finding a decent piece of long grass to chew on. I knew I wanted it in the photo, but with Winter here (it snowed a little on this day... and the next) I knew my chances were slim. But, just outside the back door I found a single long piece of grass in the dark of the night. Good thing too, cause it was damn cold outside.

I wanted the lighting in this one to be very simple and clean. I definitely didn't want it to be the most powerful aspect of the photo. The main goal was to keep the light off the back wall so that it wasn't too distracting. It's a good grungey wall, but that is irrelevant in this particular photo... so I used a softbox to help control the spill, and I'm very happy with the outcome. I also didn't want the scene to be too contrasty, because that would equate to light that wasn't simple/clean, and could potentially alter the message in the photo. So, I added some fill light at about 2-stops down from the key, and feel it was the right amount.

It was tough coming up with a good pose. Actually, I had a few poses I liked, but because I kept the lighting simple/clean, there were some "dimmensional" problems I ran into with some of the poses. Namely, because I didn't use a back-light (rim-light or kicker), the positioning of the far arm (my right arm) looked weird. Even in this photo I think it looks a little weird, even though in reality it doesn't. But, I was willing to accept that in the final photo and just be done with the shoot.

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