Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 277 of 365 - The Final Presentation of False Emotions

Photo by Andrew Kufahl

I was anticipating getting this photo complete in the early afternoon, as I had great natural light coming in through the window, and had worked out the framing and composition. But, I had to pick my son up from school. I didn't want to have to reconstruct the "scene", so I put masking tape everywhere to mark the position of the table, chairs, tripod, etc... that way if Little Johnny moved them when he got home I could move them right back. I wasn't able to re-visit this shot until later in the evening, so I had to figure out how to get light similar to what I was getting through the window earlier in the day. It took a little while to get it squared-away, but it wasn't rocket science. The biggest challenge of this shot was getting the knife at the right angle so that it's edge was highlighted. Ultimately I wanted the whole blade highlighted, but liked it much better with just the edge.

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