Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 281 of 365 - Night, By Door...

Photo by Andrew Kufahl

There's nothing I enjoy more than the challenge of modifying existing lighting. Especially when it's really crappy lighting that you cannot move (like street lights or lighted business signs). It took me a while to get things setup to look the way I wanted them to look. One of the bigger challenges was getting the red interior light to be the intensity I wanted it to be. After all, my two most significant light sources (the red interior light and the outdoor spot light) are both constant light sources and are both governed by the shutter. So, I had to move the diffusion panel closer/further from the light source to achieve the correct balance.

And of course, right when I nailed my "hero shot", I realized that the neighbor had come outside and their motion-light went on, leaving a wonderful specular highlight on the windows of the door on the left. And of course, the timer on their motion light was set to 10-minutes, so I just stood there doing nothing until it finally went off.

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