Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 283 of 365 - Decisions...

Photo by Andrew Kufahl

This was a very fun shoot. Although, the mosquitos were NAS-TEE! My assitant and I walked around through the woods looking for the perfect size tree to use in this. The tree needed to fit between a normal-sized human's legs comfortably... not too wide, not too narrow. We lucked out and found this one right next to the path (which is what I was hoping to have). I get the general framing and composition figured out, then we setup a reflector on the left to highlight the runner's arm and leg on the shadow side.

My first goal is always to get the "standard" shot. The "standard" shot, is the simplest form of the final image that I would accept. In other words, even though my ultimate goal in this shot was to have the earbuds and water bottle flying, my first goal was to just get a good shot of the runner smacking into the tree without those other elements. Just getting that "standard" shot is all I need to know that technically I am done, and everything we do beyond that is experimentation. But hopefully, the experimentation is successful and ends up with the ultimate shot.

The breakdown of this shot is as follows... The runner is sitting on a stool behind the tree. A tiny bit of the stool was sticking out, and was easily post-processed out. Behind the runner, my assistant was crouched down and threw the earbuds when I told him to. The assistant was also slightly sticking out from behind the tree, so he was post-processed out as well.

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