Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 355 of 365 - The Overflow Room At The Brenisher Museum Of Art

Photo by Andrew Kufahl

This is probably one of my favorite "trick shots" that I've done with long exposure techniques. The picture on the stairs is a picture of me, but the picture actually doesn't exist. No, I didn't photoshop myself onto that picture, I was actually standing/squatting just in front of the stairs. When the shutter opened, I manually fired the flash (which was gridded to only illuminate me), which then superimposed me onto the black piece of foam core that is on that picture frame. Then I quickly got out of the shot, and let the ambient light burn in the rest of the scene for the next 30 seconds. So it really is a single-take image, carefully engineered to take advantage of how darks and lights render when mixing flash with ambient light.

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